What We Do:

We build state of the art, best-practice software that not only looks the business, but looks to expand and improve business, too.

We're happy & ready to work on the following types of projects:

Software Development

Bespoke software made to solve your specific business problems.

Website Development

We build gorgeous websites, bespoke to fit your business.

Webapp Development

Rich web applications suited to the needs of your projects.

Windows Desktop Applications

Tailor-made desktop apps, for the Windows OS.

Windows Mobile Applications

Purpose-made mobile apps, for the Windows Mobile OS.

What We Use:

We strive to keep up to date with modern techniques and practices: The software world moves at such a pace where, if you're not continually progressing, you're already behind.

Always learning, here are a handful of technologies we're currently all about:












JavaScript & jQuery


Microsoft SQL


Windows Mobile 6


Apple iOS - Swift

What We've Built:

We pride ourselves on finishing top notch software. Here are examples of bespoke applications we've successfully delivered:

Laboratory Information Systems & Web Portals

Tools for ordering, processing and delivering lab test results and reports for a variety of different clients.

Occupational Health Case Management Systems

Questionnaire-based case management system with client facing web portal for the occupational health industry.

Defleet Management Systems

Full suite of client and staff-facing systems for inspecting, repairing, storing, auctioning and delivering defleet vehicles.

Mobile Vehicle Inspections

Mobile applications for aiding the inspection of a wide range of different vehicles.

Stock Control Systems

Windows desktop systems for counting, ordering and managing various kinds of stock.

Estimating & Costing Systems

A product estimating and costing system tailored specifically for the client's business.

Accounts Reporting Systems

Companion application for providing detailed reports for existing accounts package.

Online Training Portals

Client-managed online portal with videos and questionnaires that prepare, train and test staff.

Roman Blind Creation Tools

Online monitised tool for quickly and accuratly calculating the measurments for creating roman blinds.

Hosiery Sizing Application

Desktop version of a modile app for selecting the correct hosiery for a range of leg related ailments.

Various Other Tools

RS232 interfaces, file importers, data transformations, process schedulers and others.

Our Clients:

We've been lucky to work with many clients. Here's a small selection of fine people, their companies, and what they think of us:

Redtech Solutions have built and continue to maintain our in house operating systems and customer facing website. They understand our business and the solutions they have delivered are innovative and reliable. The quality and quantity of delivery is impressive.

We undoubtedly have some leading edge features in our systems that help us win business and provide excellent service to our customers.

- Jackie Chalker, Business Services Manager (Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground)

I had a basic idea for a niche-market online calculation tool and needed help to develop the idea into a working website. The project would require the skills of a designer, software engineer, website builder, project manager and ongoing support and maintenance, not to mention a keen understanding of complex mathematical formulae and processes.

I did not expect to find all these skills from one supplier, but Redtech Solutions managed the entire project – from talking through the initial concept, advising on the design, hosting and functionality, building and launching the pay-per-click website, to providing tailored support and maintenance.

- Mary Grice, Proprietor (Roman Blind Wizard)

Redtech Solutions provided a full bespoke LIMS for me on 2 occasions for drug and alcohol laboratory analytical testing services. Steve worked closely with me to create exactly what I needed and to recommend other, better solutions to many of my requirements.

He was always quick to respond to my issues, reliable and great to work with, providing excellent support and a fantastic product. I would definitely use Redtech again for future products and would highly recommend him for any application.

- Terry Crane, Proprietor (Claritest)

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